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My name is Steve Whitby and I have been a South Carolina Certified Residential real estate appraiser for the last 25 years. Within the past few years, I have ventured into the photography and videography world which also includes the use of drone aerial photos and videos. But more importantly, I am now an SEO Consultant with a long time passion for helping Entrepreneurs and small to medium businesses grow their business through the search engine optimization medium. It is a very powerful tool when applied correctly!

From Profession to Profession

Back in 2010 I stumbled upon some internet articles about “internet marketing” and even pursued it to some degree but never enough to “make a change”. I didn’t know it at the time but that little “side road excursion” from my current profession as an appraiser changed my life. I know that may sound cliche’ but trust me, over the years, there have been little “nuggets” that kept pointing me in the direction of doing something online to help local businesses. And to be honest, I’m glad it’s not the internet marketing that I first looked into. I’m not a salesperson by no means, but as a consumer myself, I do love negotiating with sales people!

Over the past few years the photography bug kept biting and I bought a drone, then a higher end camera (and equipment and editing software) and started pursuing a side venture photography career, and yet, once again, it was not the path I was meant to take. For I soon found out that despite being a good photographer, I still needed to market myself. Well, after several attempts of calling on friends and scouring the internet for all the “how to market your photography business” I once again did another stumble, but this time on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and lo and behold, lightbulbs started going off, confirmations of this is where I need to be, and an excitement level I hadn’t felt since becoming an appraiser. Yes, this was the profession I was to be in. It involves everything I’m passionate about, helping businesses, meeting business owners, photography/videography, computer work, research and more research, and a whole slew of other components that make SEO a very powerful “digital” friend to the business owner looking to grow their business! And so that is where I’m at today and I’ve been extremely fortunate to have learned from a very elite group (OMG) of SEO mentors, which includes the world renowned SEO Expert Kotton Grammer.

And so in summary, if you are looking for some honest to goodness SEO work that WILL help grow your business, grow your client/customer base, climb the search engine page ranking ladder to page 1, and ultimately increase your revenue, I would sincerely encourage you to check out stevewhitbyseo. We really do care about your business and look forward to building that lasting relationship that will not only meet but also exceed your business goals!

Thank you for taking the time to read this!
Steve Whitby

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